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about us

I have owned rabbits all my life and through many years of experience I have learned about the behaviors of rabbits and what is required to make “ A Happy Bunny”. At present, I own five mini lops named Cinder, Toff, Ambrose, Sweet Pea and Rocket who are now 4 years old and Cinder and Toff are 5 years. From understanding their individual personalities I have developed a strong bond with all four of them but continue 

Since owning bunnies I have been on many holidays and have boarded my rabbits at a local boarding facility.  After a recent house move, I decided that the outdoor space provided the perfect opportunity to set up my own Rabbit boarding facility.

Highbank Bunny Boarding has been set up as a small boarding facility of only 3 luxury pens and so we are able to give your rabbits the one to one care and attention they deserve, making them feel at home whilst you are away.

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