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Prices for 2024

Pens 1 & 2.  Suitable for 1 or 2 rabbits

£13.00 per day for one or two small average sized bonded rabbits or 1 French Lop


 Larger Pens that can accommodate more than 2 bonded Rabbits.

Pen 3   £16.00 per day. (a bonded pair) The Pen can accommodate larger bonded groups  four bunnies

Pen 4A & 4B  £14.00 per day These pens have an open two level hutch within the pens. The upper levels of the hutches  are accessible via a ramp.

Hideaway 1   £17.00 per day  (a bonded pair). Extra-large balcony, an independent shed 

independent shed can accommodate larger bonded groups, 

Hideaway 2, an Independent shed  £15.50 per day  (a bonded pair). 

Hideaway 1&2 (inclusive of a 12X4 ft run) £27 per day.  Total 24ft x 4 = 96sq2

£3.00 is charged per day for or an additional bonded rabbit (3+ bunnies).

For very large groups

Hideaway 1&2 have been designed to interconnect so, therefore, a larger bonded group can be accommodated.


 During the winter months the outside pens will not be available due to the unavailability to clean them.

There is a minimum of 4 days stay per booking due to the amount of time that is needed to clean between each visitor

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