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Indoor Pens 1,2 and 3

The accommodation that we offer is suitable from one rabbit to five bonded rabbits.

Pen 1 – a single rabbit. 3.6ft x 6 ft indoor pen attached to an outside pen 3ft x6ft

Pen 2 – large rabbit or a pair of bonded rabbits.  3.6ft x 6ft indoor pen attached to a 3ft x 7ft outside pen.

Pen 3 – Can accommodate upto 3 bonded rabbits. 4.4 ft x 9ft indoor pen attached to a 4ft x 8ft outside pen.

Hideaway 1 and 2 - These sheds can be interlocked to provide accommodation up to 5 bonded rabbits. 

Access to both indoor and outdoor pens
Pen 1
Pen 2
Pen 3
Pen 4a and 4b

Outside Pens: Pen 1,2,3, 4a and 4b

Pen 4a and 4b
Pen 1,2 and 3
Pen 2
Pen 3 - indoors
Secure Double Doors
Pen 1 - outdoors
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