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Terms and Conditions

Medical guidelines

On arrival at Highbank Bunny Boarding, all guests will be checked for good health. If your pet is unwell or has a long-term condition please inform us so that we can work with you to cater to their needs. To ensure your booking has confirmed a deposit and paperwork needs do be delivered 7 days after the deposit has been paid. Please provide the details of their condition and any treatment/medication that is required on the paperwork.. Please refer to the paperwork; we will not accept any pet that is showing signs of any undisclosed illness, disease or injury.


Highbank Bunny Boarding requires that all rabbits are vaccinated against Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease and  RVHD2. vaccination records will need to be provided two weeks before arrival. If you cannot provide an up to date certificate I will be unable to allow your rabbit to board with us. All rabbits have to be vaccinated two weeks before arrival.

Vet & Medical Fees

Visits to Vets incur a fee of £10 per hour based from leaving Highbank to returning. A £5.00 charge per day will arise for administering medication and / or nursing unwell rabbits. 

 Please provide your usual Vets details on the required paperwork as we may be able to access them. We are not qualified in animal medical care but may be able to cater for unwell pet’s needs. If we are unable to care for your unwell pet, they will have to be returned to you, your emergency contact or will have to stay at the vets for nursing.

We accept no liability in the extremely unlikely event that your pet becomes ill or passes away. Should your pet pass away during their stay at Highbank Bunny Boarding you will be contacted immediately and your bunny will be transferred to our local vets. You will be liable for a small fee that you will pay direct to Swayne and Partners or Vets4Pets Sudbury

Collection and Pick Up

Being prompt for drop off and pick up times (by appointment only) is much appreciated. We are busy people and our free time is very precious so it is much appreciated that you stick to agreed times. Obviously sometimes things go wrong and if you are running late for any reason please telephone to let me know on 07949240780 

We will not wish to cause your pet any disruption, but at busy times we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your pet for longer than the agreed term, and may have to seek external boarding establishments to house your pet.

If your rabbit is already boarding with us, and you wish to collect your pet earlier than the date originally provided, you are still liable for the full boarding costs. If you wish to extend their stay and we can accommodate the extra period, payment will be required on your return. 

If you wish to re-arrange your drop off or pick up time within the 24 hours of the agreed time then hopefully I will be able to accommodate your new requested time. If I cannot change my daily schedule to accommodate your revised time a £5 surcharge can be billed as another member of the team will hopefully be able to assist you in your re-scheduling.  


A deposit of £35  per stay is required to secure the booking.  Fees are based per day and reservations will be held up to 4 days to allow for a £30  deposit payment to be made and to return the two completed forms that must be submitted 7days after the deposit has been paid. Your deposit is non-refundable if you decide to cancel. The balance is due 7 days before arrival. . You will be liable to pay the full amount if you decide to cancel 7 or fewer days before your arrival date. This must be 



. If you wish to cancel your booking a minimum of  7 days notice is required via e-mail.     




Bonded Rabbits

If your pet needs to be separated from its companion due to fighting, you will be liable for the boarding fee of a second pen which will be payable on collection. We will endeavor to keep companions together but if fighting and injuries occur we have to put your rabbit’s safety and wellbeing first. If there are no available pens then I will have to half the indoor pen via a secure mesh panel  and alternate the rabbits to allow for daily exercise in the outdoor pen. There will be a daily fee of £5 that will be payable on collection.

 The deposit needs to be paid and both owners and rabbit details need to be completed within 48 hours after your confirmation of email
If you book within 14 days of your stay with us a fully payment would be required upfront to secure the accommodation

Rabbit  Details and Checklists
Owners Details

We do not collect any contact information and we will never send you any direct communications as work alongside the government GDPR regulations.

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